Part I : The Face of Summit Leaders

Posted by Summit Ministries: Media Blog , Friday, May 21, 2010 10:00 PM

Discipleship relationships are one of the most important pieces to the Summit Experience. Leadership sifts through hundreds of applications to select the Summit Summer staff who are most passionate about Summit's vision.
       This year, Summit's excellent staff selection ranges of individuals across the entire United States. They are excited to be here with the opportunity to lead, inspire, challenge, and push each Summit attendee to discover their personal biblical worldview.
       Introducing part I of the first set of Summit Staff [From the Left]:

Kristin Kay, South Carolina
Russel Johnson, Maine
Stephen Southerland, Colorado
Sam McKnight, Colorado

Wyatt Smith, Arizona
Will DoubleStein, Indiana
Whitney Rakestraw, Alabama
Tyler Herndon, Florida

Amanda Eickenberry, Iowa
Barton Stone, Colorado
Becca Hansmeier, Minnesota
Ben Meeks, Texas

Bryan Coots, Arizona
Karen Jordan, South Carolina
Klint McInturff, Arizona
Caitlin Burke, Arizona

Harry Waitz, Texas
Jessica Wedel, South Dakota
Kevin Vollema, Iowa
Christine Fite, Georga

Jaime Lee, Georgia
Jason Poarch, North Carolina
Jessica Jones, South Dakota
Gabe Schneidel, Indiana

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Jared Says:

You guys are so awesome! Thanks for all your kind effort and service towards us here at Summit CO over the past week! Thank you also for demonstrating the love of Christ through your leadership and servant hood attitude!

Matthew 25:21- "Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things, I will now put you in charge of many things."

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